• The Art of Successful Marriage

    "The Art of Successful Marriage Workshop"

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  • The Art of Successful Marriage

    The Art of Successful Marriage

  • The Art of Successful Marriage

    To Educate About Islamic Concept Of Marriage Duties And Responsibilities Of Spouse Etiquettes Of Marital Life

  • The Art of Successful Marriage

    To Educate About Islamic Concept Of Marriage Duties And Responsibilities Of Spouse Etiquettes Of Marital Life

  • The Art of Successful Marriage

    To make life purposeful and happy

  • The Art of Successful Marriage



Marriage – Nikah

Praise be to Allah the creator of universe who has created us as human beings, the prime creation. He has made us the Khalifa (governor) of the earth.

He has made all the creations, subservient to human beings. He has laid down the rules as the how to lead our lives on this earth. He has set an example of the life of his prophet Mohamed (S.L.V.) for us to live. Each human being is given a limited period of life to perform his obedience to Alah and answer about his deeds before him after his death on qiamath.

Allah created his first human being Adam and allowed him to live in paradise Jannath. Adam enjoyed all the goodies of Jannath. After some time he got bored. Allah the creator knows all that is hidden in the hearts of his creations. When Adam slept, Allah had created Hawah out of his rib as his mate. When Adam woke up, he found his mate a companion beside him. The problem of loneliness was solved. It is in the nature of the human being to live in the company. The highest punishment for a man is solitary confinement.

If the convict in a jail rebels, he is locked in a solitary room for some days. There after he is tamed.

Since the human generation has to prolong, Allah has imbibed a sexual urge between two persons, male and female. Thereby they are forced to mate each other and reproduce. Thus, with the union of male and female, the human generation spreads.

Al Nisa (1) Your Allah, who has created you from a single soul (Adam) and created his mate and from them spread out, countless men & women.

When Adam and Hawah were sent down to earth they were given parting advise, a message.

"Al Baqra (38/39) get down both of you. When my Ayaaths (messages) come to you, who so ever follows them, shall have no fear or grief. Those who ignore them, shall face the torment of five (in hell)."

As a child, both boy and girl will be playful. But when they grow to the age of maturity, their playing stops. Now they seek body pleasures such as a eating seeing, hearing music etc. Most potent of them is the sex pleasure. Allah has kept this sex urge so that they are forced to seek gratification of this urge, which results in spread of generation. If this sex urge had not been there, nobody would have bothered to mate and create a family with added responsibility.

Out of this urge, when the two persons male and female come together to get gratification, there will be consequences. Pregnancy will result. The female feels burden of pregnancy and after the birth.

Al Aaraf (189) When he embraces her, she gets pregnant with a miniscule burden when she is heavy with burden of a child, the family is established.

When two persons, male and female connect together to start a family, there should be rules and regulations to abide by both the parties, so that the responsibility of promoting the family shall be shared by both of them as per their capacity.

Man is created strong and can with stand all the hardships and hard tasks to provide and maintain the family. Woman is created delicate, soft hearted patient and tolerant. She is given the task of looking after and bringing up the family, which requires compassion and patience. Hence, both the parties have to agree to the terms of such agreement. This agreement is called NIKAH, in Islam. Allah has made rules and regulations for both the partners in Quran that had been practiced by his Prophet Mohammed. The prophet had practiced and set an example in his life, for the coming generations.

Quran () prophet is the perfect example for you for one who hopes to return to Allah and the last day and remember Allah most. Those who adopt his example in their lives, shall prosper and lead a life of peace and tranquility. There will be peace in the society. Thus, both the partners of Nikah should fulfill their responsibility as agreed, in total. Only then they can expect their rights. Otherwise the agreement called Nikah will collapse. There cannot be part time fulfillment of the agreement and the terms of responsibilities from one party but still claim their full rights from the other party.

Quran warns such parties

Nisa (1) "Beware, those who demand their rights (quoting Allah's authority) without fulfilling their duty. Beware! Allah is watchful over you".

Husband demands the services from his wife without fulfilling his responsibility of providing and protecting her. Similarly, wife demands her right from her husband, without serving him or obeying him. Allah is warning them, Beware! Allah is watchful over you. Any agreement or contract, the parties have to fulfill their responsibility and expect their right. A labourer has to work and then expect his salary. Yet the employer shall not deny or delay payment of salary. Allah is watchful over you. Everyone will return and account for his deeds to Allah.

In Islam Nikah is a contract, an agreement between two parties male and female to live together, to love together, to support each other in good and bad times and to start a family, sharing responsibilities to each other only then the family will prosper. Otherwise, if one party refrains from his responsibility, both will suffer. The family will suffer. In case the things go too far, there is always a way out, to cancel the Nikah. It is not like other religions saying 'Unto death do us part' or 'Janam Janam Ka Saath'. If one party indulges is abuse, there is a way out in Islam. Allah will find a solution to both the parties of the marriage to separate. Allah is a great provider.

Nisa (130) And should they separate, Allah will make each one of them self reliant from his bounties. Indeed Allah is boundless (in his grace).

Basic Requirements of Nikah

  1. The bride and the bridegroom should be informed about all the conditions of Nikah and the family background and the conditions of their parties.
  2. Fixing of Meher in cash or kind or in credit to be paid by the bridegroom to the bride (not her parents).
  3. Presence of the vakil who represents bride and the two witnesses (vakil authorized by bride).
  4. Oral acceptance of both bride and bridegroom before the witnesses, and documents and signed by both the parties and the witnesses for future safety.
  5. Nikah should be published before the gathering, so that it should not be a private or secret affair.

If there are any known defects or short falls in either of the parties of Nikah, they have to be informed to either parties. otherwise cheating. There will be disputes and also could be suicides.

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    DMS Human Rights Foundation is established by an individual along with his likeminded friends. The idea behind is to educate married couples and even the to be married persons about etiquettes of marital life in the light of Shariah and train them in this regard. For this a week long course is designed in modern method. It is a fact that youths, hardly attened the religious sermons.